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Nibbs at Canine Partners

We have just heard the good news from Canine Partners that our boy Nibbs has a confirmed match with a partner, and they will start their course together at the beginning of June.



This made me smile, life of luxury for Teddy and Sugar's grown up boy Paddy, with his very own sofa! He is a clearly a very happy fellow.


Bodee and Zenna

We have been sent another lovely picture of Zenna (on the left) and her brother Bodee.  They look very comfy together!


Happy 1st birthday to Olive and Scamp

Happy 1st birthday today to our Olive and her sister Scamp.  What a gloriously sunny day it has been.

Here is a picture of Olive as she is now, and also a picture of her playing with her sister a year ago.  

We are looking forward to having Scamp to stay with us in the kennels in the summer!



Labradors Bodee and Zenna

Here is a picture we have been sent of two of our now grown up pups Bodee and Zenna.  They are brother and sister, Bodee is age two and Zenna was one on Monday!  They are very close as you can see.