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4 weeks old

Our labrador pups are now four weeks old and are moving around far more.  They follow you about a bit and are just starting to play.

At 4 weeks

Sleepy pile of pups



As you are booking your holidays please do check your dog's vaccination certificate so as to avoid any last minute panics.  

There are two things to look for - the annual boosters and the kennel cough vaccine.  Please be aware that your vet may not administer the kennel cough vaccine if you do not specifically ask for it.

They need to be dated within the last twelve months.  If anything has lapsed then you will need to get it done at least two weeks before your dog is booked in.

If you are not sure when you are looking at the certificate then do give us a call or speak to your vet.

Also a reminder that you need to bring the certificate with you when your dog is boarding even if we have seen it before, as we are required to hold it.

Thank you.


First food

At 3 weeks old our labrador puppies are just starting to eat their first solid food. They are all enjoying it and some crawl right into the bowl! 

Also here is a picture of them resting after eating.


Furthest yet visitor

We have a lovely German Shepherd, Chilli, staying with us this week.  She has come all the way from Tring in Hertfordshire and I thought I would note that is the furthest yet that anyone has travelled to bring their dog to us whilst they go on holiday!


Eyes starting to open

The pups are 15 days old now.  Eyes are starting to open and there are signs of some of them finding their first staggering feet!