Storing information

  • Hard Copy: Our boarding form is a paper form that we require all clients to fill out. We transfer the details on to an index card, which we store as your client record. We keep the boarding form for accounting purposes.  Whilst your dog is boarding with us we require that their vaccination certificate is also left with us. These paper documents are stored and locked in our offices.
  • Digitally: We do not keep client records digitally however there are emails relating to previous bookings.

The information you give us will be kept as long as you remain a client of Bluebell Country Kennels.  If you cease to use our services the index card will be destroyed 2-3 years after your dog last stays with us, or you request to book with us.  Paper boarding forms are kept for 7 years for tax purposes and then destroyed. 

You are entitled to request a copy of the information that we hold for you and to have it amended if necessary.

You have a 'right to be forgotten' and may request that personal data be erased from our records at any time after the legal period for the licence has elapsed.

We will not share or sell your information to any third party for the purposes of marketing. Information will only be shared where there may be an appropriate legal reason to do so or should your pet require medical attention by a vet and only information relevant to that situation will be shared.


Principles of GDPR

We are committed to the principles of GDPR, which in summary are that:

  • When collecting personal data, you must do so in a fair, lawful and transparent manner.
  • You must state the purpose for which you are collecting the data. These must be legitimate uses.
  • You must only collect the information that is essential and necessary for your processing needs.
  • Data held must be kept up-to-date and accurate.
  • You must only keep data for as long as is necessary.
  • You must guarantee that personal data is stored is a secure manner.


Our website

Our website may also track certain information about you during the course of your browsing, such as your IP address and browser identification and may also use cookies (small files that a site or service provider transfers to your computers hard drive through your web browser). Such information collected will only be used for analytical purposes, in order for us to improve our website and services or to improve your browsing experience whilst on our website and will not be used by us to personally identify an individual. If you prefer to block these cookies you can do so through your own browsers settings; some functions of the website may however cease to operate properly if you do so.

If you fill out a website contact form then our website will send us an email with the details you fill in which may be stored. 

Privacy policy

We will protect and respect your personal details. Any information we collect will only be used by staff at Bluebell Country Kennels and for the purpose it is intended for as detailed here.

In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we will update this policy from time to time so please do review this policy regularly. 

What information do we collect?

  • Your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Details of an emergency contact for the stay (for whom you are responsible for obtaining permission from in order to supply us with their name and a means of contacting them).
  • Information about your dog with the details of your own vet practice to ensure we can provide the best care should any issues arise whilst your dog is boarding with us.
  • Dates of stays with us.

What do we use this information for?

  • As a legal requirement under our Monmouthshire County Council dog boarding licence, we have to keep records for a minimum of 24 months.
  • To contact you, your emergency contact or your vet practice to ensure we can provide the best care should any issues arise whilst your dog is boarding with us.
  • To make subsequent bookings more efficient with us, we will use the details you have provided and may use emails you have sent us.
  • For accounting /tax purposes we have to keep records for 7 years.
  • Contracts of sale for puppies when we occasionally breed litters.