Worming and flea/tick/lice treatments

Please ensure that your dog is fully up to date with a worming, flea and tick programme before boarding.  In the interests of all the dogs, including your own, this is compulsory.

If we see evidence of fleas, ticks or worms then your dog will be treated and you will be charged on collection of your dog.  The cost will depend on the size of the dog.


Vet care and medication

We have 24 hour access to a local vet. In the unlikely event of illness your dog will receive veterinary attention.

We will liaise with your own vet for matters of ongoing treatment.

We will administer any vet prescribed medication to your dog.  It is essential that you:

  • Arrange for adequate supplies in advance.
  • Bring these supplies with you in the vet dispensed containers.
  • Ensure that your dog's name is clearly labelled on the medication and that the instructions are clear (how much, how often, how to give).

Vaccinations and age

We require that all dogs are up to date with their vaccinations including the separate vaccination for Kennel Cough.

Our local authority requires us to hold vaccination certificates whilst dogs are boarding.

No dog will be allowed into the kennels without valid vaccinations and certificate.

We may ask you for copies of vaccination certificates at the point of booking unless we have a record of them already. The first course of vaccinations, or any lapsed vaccinations (including for Kennel Cough), must be completed at least two weeks before boarding.

Please ensure that your vet knows you want your dog to receive the Kennel Cough vaccine as well as the annual boosters.  They may not do it if you do not specifically ask for it.

We do not recommend kennelling pups that are less than 6 months of age as their immune system is not fully developed until around that time.  We hope you will understand that we do not take pups into our kennel until they are close to six months.