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Winter special - day boarding rates

How about bringing your dog to our cosy underfloor heated kennels for the day in the winter months.

We are offering this at the reduced rate of £16 for one dog and £22 for two dogs sharing (usually the minimum charge applies).  


First walk

Wylie has had a busy week - he went for his first woodland walk and has been on the pre-school run.  

He's in that all important stage now when we need to socialise him at every opportunity, now that he has been fully vaccinated.  Really pups need lots of experiences by the time they are 12 weeks, which is tricky really when their vaccinations are only in place by about that age.

Next we need to get him used to being on a lead!


Local press

Please keep an eye out as we have arranged a half page advert in both the Shirenewton parish magazine and the Caerwent and surrounding area Community News.  


Introducing Wylie

We have a new pup! Wylie is a 9 week old Rottweiler and we are very excited to have him with us.

Wylie in our field


First dog back

This week we have Silas back with us, memorable because Silas was the first dog to stay with us after we opened the kennel!  Silas is a handsome and very friendly Rottweiler, who lives in Buckinghamshire.  Nice to see him back.